Sep 16, 2011

Human Mollusks, Old & New

Here's a short strip which I did for the French fanzine MUTANT 10 years ago. I recently translated and retouched it a bit for re-publication.

And this is a brand new page from the latest Ray Murphy-story "The Theta Case". It just appeared on the pages of the twelfth issue of the Dutch magazine PULPMAN.

In case you're wondering, many sketched or half-inked Cthulhus are still dreaming and waiting not down in R'lyeh, but in my desk drawer. In stranger eons (when the stars are right and I have more time) they shall emerge...


Paleo said...

The first strip is funny on a unexplainable way, "The Theta Case" page is just a bolt to the forehead of fulminant cartooning!

Stefan Jonsson said...

It would be awesome if you could do a street-weiv with this interesting folks living their "normal Life".