Jul 20, 2017

Dreamquest Illustrations

Holy shit has it really been a year since my last post?

Anyway, this coming August the H.P. Lovecraft-convention NecronomiCon is going to take place in Providence, Rhode Island, and I will be showing some artwork in the accompanying art show Ars Necronomica among a whole bunch of other creators.

Here are two illustrations of scenes in Lovecraft's "Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath" which are probably gonna be on display there. My illustrations are not super true to what's in the original text, but on an emotional level I guess they capture the gist of what's going on.

"From the motions of their tentacles Carter could see that the blunt-snouted moon-beasts were enjoying the spectacle hugely, and vast was his horror when he suddenly recognised the frantic meeping and knew that the tortured ghouls were none other than the faithful trio which had guided him safely from the abyss and had thereafter set out from the enchanted wood to find Sarkomand and the gate to their native deeps."

"Thick though the rushing nightmare that clutched his senses, Randolph Carter could turn and move. He could move, and if he chose he could leap off the evil shantak that bore him hurtlingly doomward at the orders of Nyarlathotep. He could leap off and dare those depths of night that yawned interminably down, those depths of fear whose terrors yet could not exceed the nameless doom that lurked waiting at chaos’ core. He could turn and move and leap—he could—he would—he would—
Off that vast hippocephalic abomination leaped the doomed and desperate dreamer, and down through endless voids of sentient blackness he fell."


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